Goblins are third units that you will get in the beginning of your Clash of Clans adventure and they perfect for stealing resources. They are extremely fast units, but besides that they are dealing with a huge amount of damage to structures, specially to mines and collectors. The final result is en ligne clash of clans gemmes gratuites that goblins are perfect units for farming.

Goblins are very cheap units, you will need just one supply goes to produce one goblin with production time of 30 seconds for one unit. They can attack only ground units, but they will deal double damage to any resources structure like mines and collectors, because resource structures are their preferred targets. You will also need to upgrade your Barracks to level 3 to produce goblins. The greatest ability of goblins is there above average speed and ability to overrun traps, bombs and even Mortar attacks! That is simply astonishing! If you are looking for farming combination and strategy, do not look any further, goblins perfect units for this role. They will go for the nearest resources structure, mine or collector and attack structure in order to get resources.

That means that goblin will neglect any other structure or units on the field and attack mines and collectors. At the beginning goblins a little bit weak, but after few upgrades they gain additional strength. As we already said, the goblins are completely made for farming and you should use them to collect additional resources like gold, elixir or dark elixir. You will not use them in arrival of battles, because there is no practical and logical explanation for such strategy. Farming with goblins is very easy, you should try to find a base with significant amount of resources. Then, deploy your goblins in several smaller troops and attack resource buildings. One of the major issues with the goblins is the fact that they do not have huge amount of hit points and can be very easily destroyed by splash damage structures like Wizard Towers or Mortars.

You will need to use some kind of protective units to distract initial fire from towers. You can use Giants as perfect tank unit in the game. Another option is to use healing spell that will give more survivability to your goblins. You can also try some other combinations, but primary usage of goblins in this game is for resource farming.

God of War 3 Remastered PS4 Review

God of War 3 is a famous adventure game with unique, combat style and original story. If you played God of War trilogy, you will definitely enjoy in this new edition with improved graphics and smooth gameplay. We must say, it is not perfect, but it will give you hours and hours of fun via psn code generator online.

This time God of War 3 hits PlayStation 4 in grand style giving you 1080p resolution with 60 frames per second. For any fun of this game, updated and remastered version will be the perfect way to celebrate 10th anniversary from the first God of War game. The game is also bringing high-definition textures and improved lighting effects with charming improvements. The game always had excellent combat style, and it is much more evident in this fresh, remastered version.

It may be a little strange to start the series from the end, but probably there is some reason behind that. Sony started with God of War 3, and we do not know why they skipped previous versions of the game. We are just hoping that they will remaster God of War 2 and original game soon, so that fans can enjoy even more in the adventures of brave Kratos. Some critics consider God of War 3 to be the weakest game in the whole series, but it depends upon personal gameplay style and personal preferences. There is an impression that the ending of the game is done whimsically, in rush, while developers needed just a little more time to polish their masterpiece.

Still, God of War is truly impressive game, that raises graphic on extreme high level adding lightening effects and modern textures. Foe example, walls are completely changed in the entire game, now they are giving much more intense feeling, combining light and shadow effects on a surface. There are many graphical improvements that are easily noticeable, like blood effects and Krato’s armor. His armor is now much more detailed and polished, fully shining in HD graphics environment. The only minor critic can be related to certain characters like Helios, that are not polished like Kratos. Their lower textures looks like ancient remains of previous edition of the game. Previous versions of the game worked on 40 frames per second, remastered version runs on smooth 60 frames per second.If you are a fan of God of War franchise, this is the title that you must not skip this summer.

Life is strange, Episode 3 Playstation 4 Review

Welcome to the third of five Chapters of weird title, Life Is Strange a game that tend to bring story based choices to perfection by allowing player to directly influence past, present and future in the game.

This third chapter starts by checking documents that Max’s mom left behind and you will be relieved to see a connection with the end of previous chapter. The events in Life is Strange are all connected and episode three will explain a lot of untold stories from previous expansion. The greatest success of this game is a fact that story is main aspect of the game. Max possess unique powers to rewind time and your choices have direct impact to the happenings in the game. The story is not just interesting tale, it is fundamental element of the game itself.You can get game via Code PSN Gratuit ps3 as well as previous versions of the game.


The story is far more focused than in Out of Time ,Max and Chloe, start in the eerily abandoned school we’ve spent so long getting acquainted with. Episode 3 maximize Max’s time bending powers. Even when the game doesn’t promote the importance of a given decision, any given choice can end up being a huge deal later on. There are a lot of skills to be learned and a lot of secrets to be revealed. You will learn a lot about people and how your decisions changed their lives. There are certain imperfections and performance and dialogue, but such minor mistakes cannot affect on actual gameplay. Most of the time you will try to soul different puzzles, some smaller, some bigger. You will explore Max’s school trying to understand the mysteries hidden behind.

Chaos Theory pushes its edge by including multi-character conversation puzzles, use of time reversal to get into a locked room or even stealth sneaking. In Episode 3 Max is finally starting to understand her powers and to utilize them on the best possible way. Max’s time-travel power is growing into something much bigger than she ever expected. Now she is able to travel farther back in time than ever, and the butterfly effect on the world is much larger than in previous versions of the game. Even she mastered her skills i this episode, at end she is still confused and even hurt. However, story leads to some beautiful moments. Life is Strange: Episode 3 -Chaos Theory bring many major answers to main questions in the game.

Clash of Clans Barbarian Guide

Clash of Clans is extremely popular game and the barbarian is in fact first unit that you get within the game. So, it is very important to understand how to play with that unit. At early stages of the game the barbarian is a pillar of your army. To play efficiently with barbarian you need to understand several important topics. In this guide you will find useful information about this unit and several strategies like en ligne clash of clans gemmes gratuites that you may use.

Barbarian is extremely versatile unit with training time of 20 seconds and movement speed of 16 units. Barbarian can target only ground units and does not have any preferred target in the game. It is a cheap unit, it cost only one supply and you will automatically get access to that unit. If we need to summarize the barbarian is a slow unit with low health, but the strength of barbarian is in effect that you can produce them very fast because they are cheapest units in the game.

The real strength of the barbarian lies in numbers, the more barbarian you have the stronger your army is.At early levels of the game barbarians will be your main force and you can use different combination and strategies from all barbarian units to combination of archers, goblins and barbarians. They are indeed a great army for farming and collecting trophies because you can train them very quickly and they cost very little resources. If you want to improve their efficiency is important to understand how to deploy them properly. You should know how to attack towers and how to deal with Clan Castle troops.

The best possible strategy for deploying this unit is to send them in waves, that will minimize the damage taken from Mortars or Wizard Towers. The number of units that you want to deploy highly depends upon a kind of tower that you are attacking. Single target towers like Cannon can be taken down simply by barbarians, but for Mortars or Wizard Towers you will need to deploy some kind of distraction, like Giants, in order to be effective. You can also use army composed entirely of barbarians for easy resource picking. If you decide to go with such army always attack opposite side from the Wizard Tower. At higher levels you can use spells like rage and healing to help your troops.

Mario vs Donkey Kong Tipping Stars 3ds Review

Are you Super Mario fan? If you are here is a great title available on 3ds – Mario vs Donkey Kong tipping Stars that offers hours and hours of fun for any fan of the franchise. It is the first Nintendo game that offer true cross-buy for 3DS or Wii. 3DS is superior in any sense, the screen is much larger then on Wii version, in any case you can check 3ds emulator system requirements.

Super Mario games have often been one and the same over and over again with small novelties and new ideas. Not this one. Mario vs Donkey Kong: tiping Stars offers completely new experience, new big idea that encourage and reward-designed levels. In Mario vs Donkey Kong Tipping Stars you will guide Mario and friends through small dangerous areas and you will have no control over their actions, but you can control surroundings instead. The game’s first levels feature extendable girders that you can draw between points, filled with spikes and other dangerous, That can be extremely hard and getting gold-medal requires skilled timing. Some of the later levels are very hard filled with blocks, belts and spikes that can be tremendous challenge for average player. The game itself offers a lot of content, the six main worlds to explore. Each world introduces a new element into the game, from simple springs to moving platforms.

There are also two additional worlds that can be unlocked later in the game and the three bonus worlds. The absence of new ideas is a little bit disappointing but the level editor workshop makes its return, along with improved community. There you can upload levels across both Wii and 3DS. You can collect stars from completing any stage. This requires flawless control of the minis, as rather than heading straight for the exit, the robots will need to search entire map collecting coins and medals and stars. Stars can be used to unlock extra tools in the workshop. Perhaps the best feature of the game is the Workshop mode, which allows players to become puzzle designers, using all of the components available in the main game. Some parts of the editor are locked, and you will need to complete certain levels of the game to unlock them. The level editor provides you with some templates to get started if you’re a newcomer or you can just begin work on your own.

These tools can array from a simple girder to jump pads that will push characters between elevations and across gaps. There’s a well-considered level of trial and real challenge is learning the full three stars in each stage of the game. Mario vs. Donkey Kong tiping Stars is an entertaining and involving puzzle game made for younger players. The level editor is a great feature of the game that provides unlimited amount of created content. Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars is above-average puzzle game that will give you hours of fun and entertainment.

Air Sweeper Guide

Perfect protection from aerial attacks, Air Sweepers protects your base from the sky with strong detonations that push back all flying enemies. It can take flying units far away your base and save you from the dangers from above. Here is a little overview of this defensive structure in Clash of Clans.

Basically, Air Sweeper is a defense structure that shoots explosions of air at air troops and pushes them away from your structures.. Air Sweeper deals no damage, but it pushes back air troops and by doing that your Towers will have more time to take down these troops. Air Sweepers can only be placed in one direction, so rotate them to get the most out of their effectiveness. The angle of rotation is 120°, so always check that your Air Sweeper is placed in the right direction. With upgrades your Air Sweeper will gain additional feats so, for example the higher level Air Sweeper is able to hold back a group of balloons for long time.To get enough resources for upgrades, check clash of clans hack and upgrade your Air Sweepers.

That is very important at higher stages of the game. There is no better way of defending against air troops. It can be rotated 45 degrees at a time, and if it is upgraded it gains 8 maneuvering settings that you can use. You can choose the direction where you presume the enemy would attack. Because Air Sweeper cannot deal any damage at all, the best possible strategy is to place other Towers nearby to defend it from ground and air units. You can place Archer or Wizard Tower beside Sweeper Tower and secure your defense.

That will push back enemy troops and slow air units like balloons will become easy target for your defense. Always pay attention that Air Sweeper is limited by a certain angle. If you are attacking then take advantage of this fact and attack structures that are not covered with this angle It is the only defense structure that aims at one specific direction only. Air Sweeper will certainly push back your balloons and one of possible solutions is to use rage spell to speed them up. You can also use lighting spell to take Air Sweeper down, or you can distract it with Minions, Healers or Dragons. In a case that you face enemy that have a lot of air troops, Air Sweeper is crucial structure that can secure your victory.