Meet the real Clash of Clans heroes – Builders

The builders are actually heroes in Clash of Clans! They are working constantly to create your buildings, to set up your walls, they are never tired, so therefore we decided to pay our tribute to them in this article.

The truth is that you will not be able to build anything in Clash of Clans without your builders. They are actually the workers that live in small huts. Builders can upgrade and rebuild your structures, but they can also upgrade your heroes. That is, so to say, very interesting. One more function of your builders is ability to remove any obstacles such as rocks, bushes and trees. If you set the them to clear your base you may get some extra gems. One build the can work on just one structure at the time. As you already know, gems are very important in a game.To obtain more gems  get clash of clans cheats and upgrade your buildings fast.

To save few gems you can use builders rather than finishing upgrade with gems. Try to be patient and you will be able to build much more effective Army. If you place your builders on the corner of the base that may slow down your opponent. As we said, builders are living in small huts, and at beginning of the game Builder’s Hut comes with one builder which is enough for basic building and upgrading your base. After you complete tutorial you will get second builder. Additional workers are very useful and you can get more than two builders for gems, so it is very good investment to buy additional builder. Note that the cost of third builder is 500 gems. You can obtain gems by completing certain achievements and removing obstacles, or you can check.


Do not waste your gems on tutorial, invest them in buying additional builders. You may have five builders and you will need approximately 4000 gems to buy them all. If your base is under attack your builders will run to the town hall and try to hide. When your builder is not active, small letter Z will appear from his house meaning that he is resting and actually is available for some work. A builder is running very fast, almost like a goblin, and walk as fast as barbarian. The builder is not able to upgrade troops and you will not need a builder to place traps or decorations.

Successful Marketing on Instagram

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Tricks and Cheats – Clash of Clans


Shields up!

Getting assaulted can be bad, yet fortunately if 40% of your town is annihilated, or your Town Hall comes disintegrating down, you’ll have a 12 hour shield. In the event that 90% of your base is wiped out, you’ll get an additional 4 hours. How would you best set aside a few minutes? That being said, don’t go out and begin assaulting immediately, that is without a doubt. That will offset your shield promptly. The security time is important, so utilize it further bolstering your good fortune – take eventually to make sense of how you can enhance your economy, develop your armed force, update towers (since they don’t fire when overhauling) or essentially stockpile and spend assets before the agony train comes moving around once more. Shields are sufficiently valuable that you may even need to intentionally move your town corridor out beyond all detectable inhibitions; you’ll lose trophies and a few assets, however regularly the measure of security time you receive in return is justified, despite all the trouble. On the off chance that you get truly bothersome for the fight to come, recollect that Clan Wars don’t influence your shield clocks whatsoever.


Take in the lay of the area

clash_of_clans_archer_by_newsha_ghasemi-d6t31w7The center vital technician of Clash of Clans battle is to have whatever number dividers between your assets and the outside as could reasonably be expected. To do this, you’ll need to verify there are no holes in your edge, and unquestionably verify that there are no spawnable tiles inside your base. You’ll need to verify that structures are tight together, so guns and other opposing structures can cover whatever number of them as could be allowed. Putting your structures into little compartments structured by redesigned dividers is imperative to moderating a foe’s development. You’ll likewise need to have your most compelling barriers situated all the more nearly to the focal point of your base; give however much of a cradle zone with different structures and dividers as could reasonably be expected, so assaulting troops need to take longer biting on other stuff to get to the firearms.


Pick your targets

At the point when discovering adversaries, there are a couple of things you need to consider before you begin dropping troops. To start with, take a gander at their Town Hall level – on the off chance that its far lower than yours, you’ll be getting a little cut of the riches. You’ll get to see precisely what number of assets is accessible for ravaging. At any rate, you need to have the capacity to acquire back the assets you spend on troops. On the off chance that assets are all you’re after, it’s regularly more productive to send in a modest bunch of trolls than an all out ambush. Keep in mind that you have no immediate control over your troops – realize what the unit’s most loved targets are and send as needs be. Barbarian will run head-first at the closest building, which isn’t incredible news if there’s a decently guarded mortar simply somewhat further in. Send the divider breakers and monsters in first to deal with that first. Brilliant players will make bases that pipe troops directly into ranges with a huge amount of traps, which can limit your hostile rapidly.

Games news updated


Every day, another wander. There are so many awesome news coming at you every day that an honest man doesn’t know where to look anymore. I mean, there is a new hacker game based on the adventures from the Jurasic Park. Can you believe that? Strap your seat belts and come with us as we show you this and much more.

1425293123-1541-cardPokemon Shuffle grabs the market. As one of the largest and most popular franchises is still staying exclusive to gaming consoles, one might think that they don’t want anything to do with the mobile platform. But, it’s not all as it seems. New Pokemon game – the Shuffle for the Nintendo 3DS follows some pretty mobile-like patterns. Some even go as far to comparing it to the candy crash. Sure, game still has that same old RPG element to it, wit the monster evolution and collections, but there is also something in the puzzle like game play, time limit option and freemium aspect that pulls it ever so slightly to the domain of mobile world. Could this be a sign that Pokemon is coming over to the mobile side?

catan_world_dice_rollSettlers of the Catan going live? Do you remember the 1995 board game? I mean, you should, it was insanely popular at the time, managing to sell more then 20 million copies. In nineteen ninety five, you guys! So, if you don’t remember it, here is the flashback: Settlers of the Catan was a board game that allowed more players to roll dices, get resources and build settlements. Basically, any modern turn strategy game, but board style. It was very interesting to play as it gave a good playing experience, but didn’t go far with the story. And now they are making a movie out of it. And we fear how that might turn out. Do you even remember the Battleship movie? Yes, it was that bad.

i-know-this-590x330Movies leaking into game world. So, this one is actually a reversed example of the one above. In this case, there is a game, based on a movie. Or, rather, a game, based on a scene from Jurasic Park. That hacking scene where young doctor says legendary “I Know This”. Thus, there is the name of the game. The game was developed on the Global Game Jam at it’s kind of a joke about how people misunderstand the process of hacking. It is made to look like the scene from the movie, and has nothing to do with actual hacking. You will move around 3D space representing your file storage, trying to “hack” into it and find a Golden Folder. I must admit that there are some pretty awesome parts of this game, even if it was created just for fun. There is even a level when you are required to “code” as fast as you can. And by “coding” we mean typing nonsense as fast as you can, making sure to hit enter at the end of every line. You know, like hackers do.